cobonpue, pineda, layug: “the filipino is worth designing for”

sharing katrina‘s tweets from AIM where bill luz of the National Competitiveness Council and kenneth cobonpue, royal pineda, and budji layug were holding a presscon earlier today.  not surprisingly, no live coverage by anc where mar roxas guested two nights in a row.

NCC’s Bill Luz confirms that Cobonpue etal were INVITED by govt to work on the NAIA project.

Luz confirms design team proposal was adopted by MIAA subject to funds.

Bidding was only about to happen for the project.

Royal:  it was really about responding to complaints and thinking bigger than that, even as we settled te small.things.

Royal Pineda presents design and architecture proposal for NAIA1.

Cobonpue:  we couldn’t expand, so it was about making use of the space outside.

Royal:  the need for an experience that allows passengers to move seamlessly from tube to taxi Royal: the need for an experience that allows passengers to move seamlessly from tube to taxi.

Cobonpue:  it was always about an airport thar would uniquely work with the idea of the phils as tropical paradise.

Royal:  NAIA was already making changes and the goal was to affect those changes

Luz:  this proposal was prepared precisely so it could be put up for bidding.

Royal:  the front garden wasn’t just aesthetic, it was functional too.

Cobonpue:  when we posted this on fb there were so many people who said they’d work on the NAIA project for free too.

Cobonpue delivers closing statement, thanks leaders for having asked them to work on the naia1 and leaves everything up to govt.

Luz:  design stills were shown to govt, i was not present when it was presented to the president.

Luz: we started the naia project before even the surveys that it’s the worst airport came out

Are you still going to be part of the naia project? Luz: if they ask for help people will be available.

Cherry Mercado:  Mar Roxas seemed slighted by the fact that the project began before he became dotc sec.

Luz:  this proposal is a good starting point and it can now be bid out.

Luz:  the MIAA board can decide to follow this design proposal still.

Luz:  the dotc sec is head of the MIAA board. This proposal is now with them

Luz:  i have no personal knowledge of a contract with the locsin firm.

Luz:  i think what they’re bidding out is the construction.

Royal:  we are actually consultants here, so we cant bid on the naia project anymore as it will be a conflict of interest.

Cobonpue:  of course it was disappointing that we wont see this design through to implementation. but having shared it is good enough.

Layug:  the country can always count on us, because the filipino is worth designing for.


  1. When Imelda Marcos had the NAIA airport redesigned she fenced off well wishers & greeters, a common trait among ordinary mortal Filipinos who has throngs of well wishers & greeters when they arrive or go abroad. The designs of Cobonpue et al took that into consideration but of course the elitist would not want the bakya crowd crowding the airport so that I believe was one of the reasons why Roxas dismissed them rudely.

  2. i must be missing something in this non-controversy.

    mother teresa wouldn’t raise a hoot if she didn’t get recognition. at least so i think.

    and in any case, if there is copyright in an intellectual work, it exists from creation and cannot be confiscated. so what exactly are the trio complaining about?

  3. Has anyone even thought what qualifications these guys have that qualify them to design an airport? Airports are a specialization, much like designing hospitals. Ya, cobonpue is great what he does, which is furniture. And layug, a well-known interior designer and whohave exported furniture as well. And pineda? Oh ya. The designer condo for that real estate developer.