cj sereno

first, we lost robredo.
now, we get sereno.
parang sad pareho.

i hope sereno surprises us.  otherwise the coincidence does not augur well for robredo’s legacy.


  1. Sereno’s appointment is the other side of the bad news, a good beginning. After the dark cloud of rain that poured over the hopes for a “daang matuwid” advocate, we can see a rainbow of hope. All the nominees were qualified, except that Sereno was the call of the hour, as Chinese proverbs has said a step backward to leap forward. Being both an academe in a business school and 18 years in the legal profession, she fits for the need of administrator to reform the judiciary system. I salute Pino’s best choice who herself was surprised.

  2. I presume you were searching for rhyme rather than sense? It appears to me that this was a good appointment. Chief Justice Sereno has the strength to speak her own mind, has a well-endowed sense of right and wrong, is unquestionably smart, and knows the law from having taught it for 20 years. I would not expect the president to appoint someone who is clearly an antagonist or even an unknown. I think this continues his pattern for hiring good people for important jobs. Then it is up to the people he hires to live up to his trust.