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rooting for sylvia claudio!

Rina Jimenez-David

AMONG those aspiring for the post of chancellor of UP Diliman is Dr. Sylvia Estrada Claudio, director of the UP Center for Women’s Studies and a professor at the Department of Women and Development Studies of the College of Social Work and Community Development.

In a paper she prepared to present her reasons for aspiring for the chancellorship and outlining her vision for the university, “Guy” Claudio says her “sincere answer” to those who ask why she is vying for the post is “because I love UP.” “This is such a cliché that it is almost a political gaffe to say it,” she remarks. “And yet, in my conversations with students, alumnae, colleagues, staff and UP residents we say this to each other sincerely. Only when it is said in the context of a bid for power or position does it become suspect.”

Her “love affair” with UP began from birth, Claudio notes, since her parents, both UP professors, moved into the Diliman campus when she was just a few weeks old. It was also in UP where she took her grade school, high school, undergraduate and post-graduate studies, including her Ph.D.

* * *

AS for her plans should she manage to clinch the post of chancellor, Claudio says she envisions “a community that cultivates academic freedom and excellence and nationalism, acommunity of scholars governed by the mutual respect and collegiality, and one that guarantees equitable opportunities and benefits for its members.” She promises as well to “bring my social science and community development perspectives” to the office.

I have known Guy for well over a decade due to our shared commitment to women’s issues and involvement in the women’s movement. I welcome particularly the possible ascension of a feminist to this position, and I am sure she will bring her traits of being outspoken and fearless in her analysis of issues to the post of UP Diliman chancellor. I hope the UP Board of Regents give Claudio’s vision the serious and favorable consideration it deserves.