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ousting duterte: ain’t gonna happen

nade-deja-vu ako with all the coup and impeachment talk.  it’s like in gloria arroyo’s time when we were forever attempting another EDSA to oust her, especially after the hello-garci i-am-sorry scandal.  but we never quite managed one, did we.  at the time, i figured that it was because there was no one to replace her with — vp noli de castro the media man simply didn’t measure up — unlike in edsa dos, when vp arroyo the economist was mostly acceptable and the Left was simply outmaneuvered (the militants were calling for a council of state).

this time we have a vp who basks in the support of a yellow camp that is rightly offended by duterte’s kill-kill-kill rhetoric in the war on drugs but who seems to be distancing herself more and more from a president who rightly and fearlessly calls out america on historical atrocities committed against filipinos in the course of colonizing our islands.  and this time we have a former justice sec, now senator, trying to distract us from serious allegations that she was the recipient of millions of bucks from the bilibid drug trade for her senatorial campaign and who’s making a lot of noise about “extrajudicial killings” that’s being echoed by pro-american international media, academe, and, even, an international court prosecutor.  and this time we have the many amboys and amgirls among us who simply can’t imagine life without american troops and aid, as though that didn’t always come with all sorts of strings attached, to put it mildly.

but is all that enough to oust a duterte?  i imagine that de lima is hoping praying for an edsa action that would be backed by the yellow camp and cardinal tagle’s church and rogue military forces loyal to america.  but do they have the numbers that the duterte camp has?  no, they don’t.  their best hakot efforts would be as nothing compared to the throngs that the duterte camp is certainly capable of mobilizing throughout the country.  of course they could also shoot for a “crony”-business boycott a la pre-EDSA 86, but the duterte camp could just as easily mount a counter-boycott of the vp’s business allies, and it’s easy to imagine kung sinong pupulutin sa kangkungan.

as for an impeachment ops a la pre-edsa dos, here’s ninez cacho-olivares:

The political reality today is that the masses of Filipinos are behind Duterte and the majority in the House today are not going to try and impeach him and if they try to replicate that which the House and the Senate did in 2000 against Estrada, they are likely to fail and will face political death. Duterte, despite his being a fatalist, won’t give up that easily. Blood will flow, that is for certain.

“blood will flow” is cringe-worthy, of course.  the original EDSA template was all about no-blood no-guns no-violence.  even the president himself might be called upon for “creative imagination.”


jesse robredo was a blogger pala from october 2007 to august 2009 — take that, tito sotto!    the blog Oddball has 31 entries that i intend to copy-and-paste and save and comb through.  i hope it will tell us, or hint at, his thoughts on the economy, the peso-dollar exchange, VAT, the energy problem, foreign affairs, china, america, trapos, the pork barrel, at kung ano-ano’t sino-sino pa.  too bad he stopped blogging after that last entry on cory’s death.  i guess we all know why.

thanks to raissa robles and commenter @noggy for sharing.

cj sereno

first, we lost robredo.
now, we get sereno.
parang sad pareho.

i hope sereno surprises us.  otherwise the coincidence does not augur well for robredo’s legacy.

robredo, the aquinos, and the commission on appointments

that DILG sec jesse robredo’s body was finally found on august 21, the same day that ninoy aquino was felled by a bullet 29 years ago, is not to be discounted.  synchronicity.  in both cases, the loss to family and community and nation is heartbreaking.  i don’t know that ninoy or robredo would have made a great president if either had lived long enough to make it, but i would have liked to have seen them give it their best efforts.  can’t say the same of anyone else in the public eye today.

i didn’t know him personally and i didn’t follow his political life closely.  the one time i really paid attention to him was in the aftermath of the august 23 luneta massacre, when he was explaining that not he but presidential buddy rico puno had been in charge of police operations that fateful day.  i wondered then why he accepted the post, the president’s distrust was obvious, it was like ginagamit lang siya na pabango.

but i knew that many were rooting for him.  on facebook, political analyst malou tiquia of publicus asia has been sharing stories of the robredo she knew.

In 2005, Harvey Keh-full and I dreamt of putting two bright stars in local government together for a stab in national politics in 2007. Jesse Robredo was one of the two. We had discussions with him several times. Harvey Keh went on to establish Kaya Natin with Jesse. I went on to other campaigns but kept an eye on a man I believe has what it takes. In between those years, we met several times. When he needed to talk to me, I was always there for him, for I believed in Jesse. Always have and always will. Our last heart to heart and one-on-one meet was in January 2012. The last time i talked to him over the cell was August 8. I am crushed by the news of what happened to my friend. I recall telling him on several instances, “Jesse, you just don’t walk away from it…” Jesse would always say, “I can always walk away from it all, Malou…” Si Jesse, simple, disente at ang puso ay nasa tamang lugar…  [Sunday 19 August]

I will cherish the debates we had from the time I visited you in Naga some 7 years back to convince you to run for the Senate. I never got your yes. I went back to Manila with a heavy heart but decided that I will convince you again, this time for a much higher position. For when you said no, I knew in my heart I have found the person…

I was always pointed, sometimes livid, sometimes crossing the line. The last time we had a long talk, I asked you, why do you allow yourself to be treated by these people just like that. You stared at me and smiled. And you said, “Bayaan mo na yan, Malou…”

I even told you to fix your barong, your hairstyle, etc. saying further that you are now a national figure, and again you smiled and I remember you saying, “Pati ba naman yan, Malou?” and I said, “Yes, Jesse, thats part of it.” But you laughed and said “Hindi naman tayo tumataas sa survey.” And I remember saying, “Because you don’t use your assets as SILG.” That was the longest pause we’ve ever had in our conversations and you stared straight at me…then you said, “Trabaho na lang tayo, Malou…”

Jesse Robredo, I will always cherish our conversations. I will hold on to that dream, I will try to follow your path where better angels dare not go. In you I lost a leader, a mentor, a friend, and my candidate for that position only Destiny smiles kindly on. Rest in Peace, my friend…  [Tuesday 21 August]

it’s all good, consistent with what we’re hearing from mainstream media.  it would seem that robredo does deserve a state funeral for a life well-lived, embracing public service and embodying good governance, against all odds.

still, it’s medyo over-kill, yellow ribbons to boot.  the palace should not be surprised that its motives are being questioned, kahit pa sinasabing the prez had come to appreciate robredo over time.  close na close sila, say ni mar roxas, when he was trying to explain why the prez had flown to masbate to oversee rescue operations himself.  the same is implied in stories about the commission on appointments’ failure to confirm robredo’s appointment to the cabinet: the president finally submitted robredo’s name for confirmation only in november 2011.

to be honest, i was one of those who wondered why robredo had had to give that speech for the president, that is, why the president had not attended the affair himself.  it was the topic of heated exchanges on twitter and facebook, in particular over ar neil villanueva’s comments to the effect that if the president had gone to cebu himself, then maybe binay would be president now.  at which palace spokesman lacierda lashed out: Words cannot describe your supreme uncouthness & insensitivy 2 d Pres. and Sec Robredo. Do not wish death upon others.

today, lacierda said on tv that it was not a last-minute decision, that it was decided last july pa that robredo would be attending the pnp ground-breaking in consolacion, cebu in the place of the president.  ah so.  if true, then my question is, was this par for the course?  the president did not attend many of these events, sent robredo instead?  or was this a rare occurrence, the president just had something more important to do for nation?  the first is more nakaka-guilty than the last.

seeking answers to questions like this, to my mind, is not to make the president look bad —  if it does, he should be able to roll with the punches, weather the bad press — but to make it easier for the loved ones of robredo, the youngest daughter in particular who is blaming herself for her father rushing home.  the commenter was half right.  if the president had gone to cebu himself, robredo would still be alive, or at least he would not have died in a plane crash when he did.  aquino, too, might have insisted on flying out that afternoon, but he would surely have been provided a safer aircraft and would surely have had a safer trip than robredo, who apparently had to fend for himself.  it’s not always true na pag-oras-mo-na-oras-mo-na.  sometimes napapaaga rin lang.

as for the legislator members of the powerful commission on appointments, now under censure for failing to confirm robredo’s appointment while he was alive, and scrambling for the “honor” to appoint him now that he’s dead — i don’t believe any of them.  from tito sotto who said over radio that it was the president who did not submit robredo’s name, to  luis villafuerte who denies having stood in the way, to loren legarda who says robredo met with her saturday morning to seek her support for his confirmation.  ALL THAT is what needs confirmation.  and if confirmed, then what changed the CA’s mind?  the threat/rumors that ping lacson would replace robredo?  do tell, rep. villafuerte.  do tell, senator legarda.