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It’s time for Ladlad

It has been long in coming, but each lesbian, gay, bisexual and trangender Pinoy and Pinay would do themselves well to choose #28 on that long list made up of mostly bogus party-list organizations. It would do us all well too, to vote for the LGBTs in our midst, the ones who are our friends and co-workers, the people we admire and those in our families. I will vote for my best friends and my teachers, I will vote for the fairy godmothers who I grew up with, I will vote for the artists who continue to create, despite. There is every reason to vote for the LGBTs in our lives.

 ~ Katrina S.S.

Pissing on the party-list

By Katrina Stuart Santiago

… Because in whose crazy head does it make sense that Mikey Arroyo, former congressman, could stand as security guard representative in Congress? In what world can someone like convicted rapist Romeo Jalosjos run as representative of those who have been falsely accused? This is a former congressman who was convicted on two counts of statutory rape and six counts of acts of lasciviousness.

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