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The missing truth in the Philippines’ climate change plans

Inday Espina-Varona

Three mountains once loomed on the other side of a cove on the border of Surigao del Sur and Surigao del Norte provinces in the southern Philippines. Now, only one remains.

“I am jarred by how fast the mountains disappear,” said Velvet, a researcher for anti-mining alliance Caraga Watch who travels around the southern Mindanao region several times a year.

“One year there, the next year, gone. They ship earth to be processed in other countries,” she said.

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only-in-the-philippines moment #laglagbala #APECtado

i thought it was white noise that would go away fast — something the aquino admin would quickly resolve the most painless and graceful way possible, seeing as the APEC summit looms, and the idea is to put our best foot forward, kunwari walang traffic in the air and on land, walang vagrants and beggars,  everything’s perfect, lalo na (dapat) sa notorious NAIA.

so i don’t get it.  that it’s gotten to the point when travelers are wrapping up their bags and suitcases in plastic, what a hassle, and what a spectacle!  yet the palace does not mind?  the palace does not see it as too embarrassing, too mortifying, for words — this only-in-the-philippines moment, LOL — and can’t see a way to simply decriminalize possession of a bullet or two?  or confiscate it but let the traveller go?  after all, really, what’s a bullet without a gun?  am i missiing something here?

otherwise, it would seem to be a show of due process kuno to spare who-knows-who.  or, wait, is this in aid of distracting from the lumad who are now in liwasang bonifacio and whose presence in manila and the rightness of whose cause the palace has yet to acknowledge?  someone please say it isn’t so.