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televise the trial 2

the supreme court giveth, the supreme court taketh away. june 14, 2011 the corona supreme court allowed live televised coverage of the Ampatuan multiple murder trial, bowing to the clamor for transparency and the public’s right to know. october 23, … Continue reading

televise the trial

In spite of the fact that the Maguindanao Massacre is an open-and-shut case, with the guilt of the accused very clear, justice for the victims and their families is still far off. Can’t P-Noy’s administration and the Supreme Court make … Continue reading

hearsay not good enough

Court should allow live coverage of Ampatuan trial Neal Cruz Why is live coverage by the media of the Ampatuan trial being prohibited? Isn’t that a denial of the public’s right to information? I understand that the judge wants to … Continue reading

no live coverage of ampatuan trial :(

Supreme Court spokesperson Atty. Midas Marquez said that only 30 accredited media, close relatives and counsels of complainants and defendants would be allowed inside the court room. “I am asking for everyone’s cooperation. We are doing this for everyone’s sake, … Continue reading


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