gloria & glorietta

what a coincidence, really impossible to ignore. the arroyo administration can deny it to death, and she may even be telling the truth this time, but there’s no stopping people from thinking/seeing a connection between the bribery blues ni gloria and the bomba-like explosion sa glorietta.

it’s an intuitive thing, a right brain operation, this sense of a meaningful relationship between apparently unconnected events when they occur simultaneously or in close sequence over a certain period of time. the mystic scientist carl jung called it synchronicity, which “takes the coincidence of events in space and time as meaning something more than mere chance” and which is the very principle underlying the use of the i ching and astrology (among other occult arts) in making sense of “the essential situation prevailing” for any one  person or group at any moment in time.

and so the essential situation prevailing for gloria is frankly explosive, as explosive as glorietta that afternoon of oct. 19.

take note that the makati business club, heretofore super-supportive of gloria’s free-market policies, has made an about-face. executive director alberto lim was the first to go on anc soon after the blast to wonder aloud if it were a malacanang tactic to distract us from the bribery scandal, and if not, to ask that gma clear her name, clear the air, by appointing an independent commission to investigate the crime. a demand that has since been echoed by the bishops and civil society, for both the palace payola and the glorietta explosion.

unfortunately gloria does not see fit to oblige her critics. which is no way to defuse a ticking bomb, or a deadly explosion, as the case may be.