amazing approval ratings

MANILA, Philippines – President Benigno Aquino III has maintained his high trust and approval ratings amid issues that hounded his administration.

In its latest poll, Pulse Asia said Aquino enjoyed the 72 percent approval rating in his performance in office as chief executive, while a huge 74 percent of Filipinos trust his government.

The survey also revealed that the President has “big approval and trust ratings” in various geographical areas and socio-economic classes in the country.

The poll was conducted on Nov. 10-23 in face-to-face interviews with 1,200 adult respondents.

of course i wish it were a larger sample.  just the same nakakagulat ito, given phnoy’s performance in the last year and a half, with little really to show for it except, well, gma’s arrest, but a whole lot more negative stuff to answer for — from his whereabouts during the aug23 luneta bloodbath to his current landlord stance, demanding just compensation for hacienda luisita’s owners, never mind that they overstayed 44 years.

the only explanation i can think of is that the people who voted for him are not about to admit that cory’s and ninoy’s son has feet of clay.  rather, they are set on approving of him through the six years of his term, come hell or high water.  this is so not-good for the country.  gives him an excuse to shrug off / ignore legitimate questions and criticism as sour-graping from a noisy minority.  for sure, we will not be better off when his time is up.


  1. Hehehe, right on target, angela. Sour-graping it is, indeed, :).

    After all it is the people who can accurately feel the pulse of the nation and so the people’s pulse has more weight than the griping of some critics who has their own agenda.

    Me, I will reserve my judgement until Noynoy’s time is up. In the meantime, I smell positive things to come, which could be bad news to some critics, heheh.

  2. Diehard Pinoy

    @bert-[:=)-you’r gut feelings is on the right track, the 74% trusting rating of Pinoy means 1) a vast reservoir of thinking people who are optimistic that over the long haul there is hope for sanity in a transparent govt, 2) the people maybe gullible but they or we are not stupid to cast their lot against temporary setbacks, 3) Pres. Pinoy, like president Erap, is a charismatic leader who can communicate and express his thoughts in straight and Pilipino, thus establishing link between the ruler and the ruled majority. No economic indicator can measure its impact in the present crisis.

  3. I may be wrong but I believe one of the reason PNoy’s trust rating is up is due to the noisiest juvenile sour-graping crowd whose criticism, if we can even call it as such are mostly dwelling on name calling. Its like reverse psychology when you have a bunch of noisy incoherent mad dogs, the tendency is to support their target and in this case Aquino, LOL…….