senator sotto & pepsi paloma

rina jimenez-david on senator tito sotto’s opposition to RH bill:

...he might ask himself if his staunch opposition to the RH bill is not a thinly disguised attack on women, a refusal to respect women’s human rights and grant them protection from oppression and violence. I wonder what the late starlet Pepsi Paloma would have to say about this.”

indeed.  and if it’s true that senator sotto is plotting to derail its passage through a privileged motion that any member may invoke to postpone or delay an ongoing debate….when the debate resumes this afternoon, well, then maybe i’ll dig into my baul and find and post my pepsi paloma tv junkie columns written back in the 80s for parade magazine re the rape case plus links online on how comedian tito sotto managed to have the case against his brother and two others dropped.