gag kris!

now that noynoy is definitely running for the presidency in 2010 somebody (ballsy, pinky, viel!) please make kris stop the yakkety-yak-yak about how she’s going to make doble-kayod for noynoy’s campaign fund, among other napaka-wa-class statements that the media of course lap up like mad but which would hardly endear noynoy to the hearts and minds of the undecided.

i mean you know, sure, kris will bring in a lot of votes, ang dami niyang fans who hang on to her every word.   but noynoy will need the votes too of people who don’t really like kris, and her lifestyle, and her values, and there’s just no way their votes can be won unless kris shuts up.

says radikalchick:

… what this whole family banks on, what the Aquino magic banks on, is a simplicity that isn’t wont to be corrupted.  but Kris, selling everything from chicken to cake, facial care center to clothes, flowershop, tile cleaner, and well, tiles (!), can’t be seen as (simple).

this is a woman who has made a living out of talking about where she bought her clothes and shoes, or how much she wishes for an expensive bag.  she sits in front of actresses for an interview and notices their shoes and clothes and asks them how much these are.  it is a lifestyle that’s anything but simple.

or deep.  because Kris has imposed as well, too many times on television, her own sense of what a “lifestyle” should be, not just on her viewers, but recently, even on Noynoy.  of course we know she’s pakialamera really, and can’t help but put her feet in her mouth.  so for a while she insisted that Noynoy stay single, because he has too many things on his mind raw, at least until she was forced into an apology.  she has also consistently brought up her son Joshua in relation to Noynoy’s decision-making process, prompting me to ask: teka teka, sino bang magulang ng batang yon?  why must Noynoy take responsibility for him more than he does for any other Aquino?

oh, but because she is Kris, she must reach the lowest of levels and speak of the superficial and shallow. so she finds the need to talk about Noynoy’s makeover on nationwide television.  we expect a makeover, yes, but utang na loob, make it happen quietly.  we don’t need a blow-by-blow account of which spa treatments Kris has implored Noynoy to get, and how she will dress him and style him for the campaign.  we don’t need a list of couturiers, or a list of the brands of eyeglasses that he must now wear.

what we need to hear is less of Kris, and more of Noynoy.  what we need is less of Kris talking about her family as if it is gossip, and more of the rest of her sisters in her.  she must realize, they must make her realize, that she is the least credible of the Aquinos at this point — even her pamangkin Jiggy is infinitely more credible.  she must realize that at this point in time, our love for the Aquinos goes beyond her, yes, but as the most visible Aquino, her words are those that stay in our heads, her kababawan what we are reminded of everyday.

it’s a good time for Kris to bite her tongue in fact, maybe come up with a less hysterical public/TV image, because it is now that we realize that an Aquino child can be different.  that Ninoy and Cory created children who have strength and grace like Ballsy, and who own a quiet serenity like Viel.  but also there is Pinky, who has spoken most candidly about her family in the wake of Cory’s passing, and yet has chosen her words well, has kept many things private….

question is, alin ba ang mas mahalaga kay kris?   ang rating ng snn at the buzz?   o ang kapakanan at tagumpay ni noynoy?   if she insists on continuing to scoop, and bare all about, noynoy, it aint gonna be good for noy’s image.   let him speak for himself, and only about the things that matter.   huwag pangunahan.   i-reinforce lang.   c’mon kris, konting intelligence naman diyan, at konting class.


  1. manuelbuencamino

    It is Noynoy and not Kris who will become president. Palusutin na natin si Kris. Makakatulong din yan magdala ng boto kay Noy at tayo ay intelligent enough to vote for Noy despite our irritation with Kris’ style.

  2. Tama ka Angela. Dapat tumahimik si Kris at huwag niyang ipagmamalaki na siya ang gagastos sa kasal, ipagbibili niya ang bahay niya para masuportahan si noynoy. Di ba conjugal property yong bahay nila ni james?

    gusto mo ng duct tape? marami ako.

  3. Taga Baras

    I understand Kris’ reaction to Shalani-Noynoy relationship. I know Shalani’s family esp her mother who really wanted Shalani to marry a politician.Magtanong kayo sa mga taga Catanduanes kung sino ang family ni Shalani at wala kayong maririnig na maganda.

  4. everyone is entitled to their own opinion. i respect your opinion about kris. but i for one, am a great believer in the aquino family, kris included. kris may be talkative etc, but she is honest, sincere, a good daughter, a good sister, and she has a lot of qualities that endear her to us. why do you hate kris so much? are you envious of her fame and fortune??? if you are truly a believer of tita cory , they you would love her family. that’s what i believe in. i was a believer in tita cory, since her husband ninoy was murdered. i was there in her rallies. i was there in edsa in 1986. i love tita cory, i love her ideals, and i love her family, because i know she raised her children well.

  5. The right thing to say is Kris should learn when to stop, when to talk, and what to talk about Noynoy Aquino since it will really affect his brother so much. And you are right, less of Kris but more of Noynoy’s word and action. Since the media will not stop on putting out news about Kris because it is still news for them (and that other politicians can actually use against Noynoy). Then Kris should learn when to shut up!

  6. constant gardener nibocz

    you can never shut up kris’s mouth because it is as natural as the sun.her transparency and her yakkety yak yak thingy is what endeared her to the madlang pipol.she is raw and honest to the point of announcing everything.

    face it… people listen and the media pick upped whatever comes out in her mouth.kris is huge !she also has the most sensible input on serious kris can never put a good man down.

  7. why are you all so mean with Kris? Akal mo kung sino kayong magagaling at smart. Heller…She is Kris Aquino who happens to be so honest in whatever she’s saying na hindi katulad ninyo na nagmamagaling at ipokrita. Noynoy will have his turn to shine in due time.

  8. Yes, I think people love Kris so much and listen to her because she is honest. Yes, she is so talkative but the things that comes out of her mouth is true and whenever she said something that really affects people she admits her mistakes and would say sorry but that is natural – sino ba ang taong hindi nagkakamali minsan. Kahit na siya ganyan people listened to her and wants a lot of things that she will tell us – ikaw Angela bakit ka nakikinig pa rin sa kanya kung naiinis ka? huwag ka na lang manood ng SNN and the Buzz para hindi ka magalit di ba? Yes, she is also so proud to say na kailangan mag-trabaho kasi kailangan talaga ng fund ng kapatid niya – kung magbibigay ka ay hindi na niya kailangan magtrabaho siguro. You don’t know how much they need for this election – malaking pera!!!!!! Hindi sila ganoon kayaman na katulad ni Villar na puedeng mamigay ng bahay. Hindi sila katulad ni Erap na ginamit ang pera ng Pilipinas para sa mga kabit niya. Hindi din sila katulad ni Arroyo na magpapayaman pa kahit mayaman na sila. Hindi din sila katulad ni Marcos na kukunin lahat kahit hindi sa kanila. Hindi din sila katulad ni Legarda, Escudero, Bayani Fernando na ma-ambisyon para sa sarili nila at hindi para sa bayan. Nakita mo ba sila na yumaman ng husto – si Kris lang because she worked for that at hindi niya kinuha kahit kanino – pinaghirapan niya para matikman niya ang masarap na buhay niya ngayon kaya huwag kang ma-inggit at magtrabaho ka ng tulad niya para din makuha mo ang mga bagay na mayroon siya.
    Let us be honest with ourselves and not condemn Kris just because she is like that. Let us look at ourselves first before we look at her. Probably you are like her too in some ways.

  9. You are so right about kris! Its about time somebody speaks up! If the Aquino family is sincere in leading this nation start by asking kris to resign from all her programs in abs. so as to not use her entertainment show for noynoy’s mileage. they should start this journey with an honest and fair run. Sometimes i wonder siguro si kris lang may gusto talaga. makapal kase mukha niya she thinks she’s oprah or god. Youre right i would not vote for noynoy simly because her sister is kris who is super judgemental and thisks she oh so perfect. yuck!

  10. constant gardener nibocz

    kris tv image can be construed as mababaw and wa class. just because he shout outs everything that happens to her family doesn’t mean she’s the least credible of all the aquino clan.she is a woman of substance, her honesty and straight forwardness is the most admirable traits that endeared her to the filipino people.

    her life is an inspiration because she had risen from the lowest low of her life when the kris scandal hugged the national tv during those times and admitted that she’s at fault and asked the nation forgiveness. she has been crucified and vilified but her humility in accepting that she did wrong and and move forward turns her life around 360 degrees.look where she is now? filipinos has accepted and embrace her as the symbol of totoong tao- in fact taong tao talaga with sheer honesty and rawness.

    wether we like it or not, kris is here to stay ..

  11. probably a petition should be started by someone like that Willie ( para matigil si Kris Daldakina / Mahadera who might be “Pasanin” ni Noynoy bcz of her big mouth
    let us see how many are just bakya crowd who loves that kind of low class style and how many still believes in good moral values and privacy on important family matters and sexual matters and others things that there are no need to “dakdak”

  12. constant gardener nibocz

    kris aquino is one good example of people who rose up to their failings and move forward to inspire people to become mobile after a fall.

    she has her share of being down there and experience the lowest ebb of her life in public and for all the tv world to witness.and yet, she conquered all of this with her responsibility to accept and asked forgiveness for all the world to see.who in their proper mind, politician , celebrity or even religious leader are brave enough to at least say “i’m sorry” or even acknowledge that they did wrong.

    never that we witness such display of humility and frankness during her most trying time. to expose herself on tv in sheer rawness and honesty can never be duplicated.

    hypocrites.. there’s a lot in our midts. we always like labelling people as bakya, low class and no values. it’s about time we take responsibility to be true to ourself and follow kris example that it’s not what happened to us before that defines us but rather how we deal with what happened to us and make our life turn around and rise up.

    this is kris aquino !! she has risen up to the obstacle and continue to inspire us that by being productive and professional. her media image might be loud and shallow. but we should separate this from who really she is. she’s sensible ..

  13. Manuelo514

    Noynoy is the right leader we need now…to continue the legacy of his parents, Ninoy & Cory….honesty, good governance, love ocountry, humility, fear of God, righteosness…all good values, you name it.

  14. Dami galit kay friendship dito ah…. Eto sabi ni Kris…. Who is this blogger I dont know her and I dont care about her…. true enough at hindi sya affected sa mga sinasabi ng mga tao… Kris is Kris if you dont like her you might as well shut up… You may have the freedom to voice it pero come to think of it… Galit ka pero subject sya ng blog mo? One bitter person…

  15. constant gardener nibocz

    question is, alin ba ang mas mahalaga kay kris? ang rating ng snn at the buzz? o ang kapakanan at tagumpay ni noynoy? if she insists on continuing to scoop, and bare all about, noynoy, it aint gonna be good for noy’s image. let him speak for himself, and only about the things that matter. huwag pangunahan. i-reinforce lang. c’mon kris, konting intelligence naman diyan, at konting class.

    i like this last part the most.
    very objectively said and true.
    let noynoy speak for himself but to gag kris aquino? no way !!
    kris will speak her mind out, no matter what..

  16. bilang isang botante,boboto ako sa mga plataporma ni Noynoy at hindi dahil sa kung anu-anong sasabihin o gagawin ni Kris para manalo ang kuya nya..bakit ikaw angela stuart dahil ayaw mo si Kris kaya ba hindi mo iboboto si Noynoy.(nagtatanong lang po)…if that will be the case, where’s the logic? o baka naman you’re just riding on the aquinos’ aromatic smell of today…..para makilala gaya ng ginawa mo sa pag atake sa ABS-CBN news & current affairs dept….????

  17. sumikat at bumagsak ang career ni KRIS AQUINO, she managed to sustain her stature being one of the formidable actress & finest host of Philippines Showbusiness..that was 15 years ago…nanatili siyang KRIS AQUINO..ikaw kaya Angela Stuart after 5 to 10 years from now,how do you see yourself,kung wala kang mga i-features dito sa blog mo…tsk.tsk.tsk..
    Mabuhay ka KRIS AQUINO!!!!!

  18. butuan_mindanao_caraga

    “Taga Baras on September 11th, 2009 at 1:07 am

    I understand Kris’ reaction to Shalani-Noynoy relationship. I know Shalani’s family esp her mother who really wanted Shalani to marry a politician.Magtanong kayo sa mga taga Catanduanes kung sino ang family ni Shalani at wala kayong maririnig na maganda.”

    Totoo ba itong sinabi mo?taga catanduanes ka ba?

    Pero ako, i go for NOY kahit im an avid supporter of Admin here in our place but this time kay NOY ako as Pres….record breaking tong ginawa ko since from my parents until sa aming mga anak admin na sila…Hayzzzz pagpasensyahan nalang natin c Kris….basta we go for NOY……

    I heard one time sinabi ni Kris nung time na iniinterview siya ni Jessica Soho during the libing of her mom that “go to Noy mas bagay naman kayo” feeling ko mas gusto niya si Jessica compare to Shalani, bakit kaya?Siguro may alam si Kris na di natin alam…..Peru wag na natin ungkatin ang lovelife ni NOY ang atin dito to support NOY kaya go for NOY tayo ha……hehehhe….

    NOY for President tayo……

  19. to those who want kris to shut up, maybe you stop also watching SNN or D Buzz and stop reading news articles about her.

    Hello!her working for the campaign just shows how supportive she is to Noy. pwede naman na iendorse nlng nya db?but she will provide the funds too.that is how generous she is.and her yakkita yak yak makes her more interesting. admit it, people keep on listening, aren’t they?!

  20. who said that kris is a good daughter? wow!!! good daughter ba yong papalit palit ng lalake??? NO!!! good daughter ba yong makipag live in sa isang lalake, di lang isa dalawa,WOW!!!kahit anong make over ni kris sa kuya niya hinde na mag iiba ang anyo noon.nakakaturn off minsan si noynoy kc naka nganga palagi ang bunganga pag nasa senado. i think may point si dj mo na papansinin ang image ni noynoy.kris kahit uubusin mo yong pera mo di na di mananalo si noynoy mo,may puruhan pa nga cguro si erap. boboto ako kay noynoy kung ipalathala ninyo ang kanyang mga achievements as congressman and pagkasenador.mula sa maliit na nagawa ni noynoy.

  21. How ironic na yung blogger should criticize Kris for being “wa-class”.
    First off, why is having “class” as we know it in our colonial mentality and culture all that important? And who are we to decide and declare what is “class” and what is “wa-class”?
    Now that the blogger has pointed out Kris’ shortcomings and wrongdoings- ang message ba niya to her readers is that she is the “classy” one and the better human being than Kris is?
    I don’t think writing a very malisciously subjective article (which reads like a statement of Kris’ sins against the Filipino people) is a class act.

  22. Come on! You know it’s not the talkative people that you should be afraid of. It is the corrupt, the dishonest, the shady. Not someone who says she wants some expensive bag.

    Maybe it’s not her that we should be afraid of, it’s Shalani and her family. Will Noynoy stand up for her and marry her? Abangan!

  23. sissy – oo good daugther si Kris…. bakit kunbg nag kamali na ibig sabihin hindi na good daugther… Wow naman parang wala kang kasalanana…. napaka ipokrita mo naman… at feeling mo mabait kang anak…. ano ba standard ng pagiging mabuting anak baka hindi ka din sukat dun… Kung ayaw mo ke Kris walang issue at wala ding issue kung ayaw mo kay Noynoy… Ano kaya natapos nito…. sabagay nasa pangalan mo nga ang pagiging cheap… sissy…

  24. To the one who wrote na di sila ganon kayaman, come on, taga-pinas ka ba or what? don’t be ignorant, people!!! Don’t be ruled by your emotions na because their mom has died, ergo, let’s relieve their pain by electing Noynoy to the highest position — it doesn’t work that way!!! He didn’t have any intentions to run in the first place, but becoz there was a clamor (???), he then has changed his decision. Is he really ready, or is he just taking advantage of the situation — strike while the iron is hot, ika nga!! Provide the people, the masang pinoy w/ Noynoy’s credentials, minus his last name — just like one of the comments has mentioned, list your achievements as congressman, as senator, the bills that you have passed, and what have you. If he’s the one, then show us the evidence, magnify the proof of your labor to the masang pinoy, and let us realize that you are worthy, and not just another fallen hero. To the masang filipino, please don’t lose your head this time. Make the right judgment. His last name might elect him to the presidency, but it doesn’t mean that he can do the job, and let alone, do the job right!

    As to gag Kris, well, masang pinoy adored her because of her candidness. But there are times, when I say to myself, when is this girl going to learn to keep “things” to herself or in the four corners of her home. I like to watch her, I find her amusing, but at times, and not only addressed to her, I hope that the showbiz people will stop showing off, comparing notes in media/public their so-called “lifestyle”. They are simply in “that” status because of masang pinoy. And para ipamukha nyo sa mga pilipino kung anong meron kayo, or nabili nyong bagong LV, Hermes, Bottege Veneta, Chanel shoes, Cartier watch, Porsche is too much para sa isang paslit na nasa kalye na kumukalam ang sikmura, or sa isang matanda na walang nag-aalaga, or sa isang jeepney driver na maghapon namamasada para makakuha ng boundary. Am not saying that you don’t have the right earn your “so-called lifestyle”, but what am saying is becoz the public sees you, endears you, then the public thinks that your lifestyle should be followed. Do not impose your lifestyle to the masang pinoy. Not every filipino has the capacity to afford your lifestyle. Yes you are proud, but at least be sensitive and considerate to those who have nothing. This is not about being envious or jealous, but this is about being reasonable, logical,economical, practical and setting the mind of your public that not all that glitter is gold. At least you owe that to your public to let them know that a good lifestyle is borne out of simplicity and not extravagance. Sabi nga ni Kris, she will live simple na, so mag-uulit na sya ng damit. Haha!!!

  25. Kris is kris kaya nga yong ang pangalan niya at hindi kritina eh, loud lang talaga siya at walang preno ang bibig but I know she mean well sa pag-tulong sa kapatid niyang si Noy. Pag-inisip mo nga kung paano siya mag-salita sasabihin mong kalyehera siya dahil sinasabi lang naman niya ang tutuo at at obeservations niya sa mga bagay bagay katulad nuong ma-guess siya sa wowowee gusto niyang ipakita yong isang 200.000.00 sa game na eight O clock pero sabi ni Mariel eh hindi pwedeng ipakita tuloy nahuli ang wowowee na dinadaya ang mga tao. Yan ang tutuong tao, hindi takot mag-salita at mag-hanap. I miss you Kris and Mr. Boy Abunda, hindi ko na kayo napapanuod dahil move na kami sa GMA dahil ayoko ng makita pa ang wowowee dahil sa host na saksakan ng bastos. God Bless Kris, mabuhay ka at ituloy mo lang ang pagiging tutuo kaya kita gusto!

  26. prince_aj

    NOY noy for president!stuart! sino ka ba para sabihin yan? di ka nga kilala eh!walang taong perpekto!alam mo cgurado akong di mo mahal sarili mo kasi kay kris galit ka.gusto mo ba si james?
    dnt worry noy2 will be a good president..and go KRIS ikaw ang totoong pilpino!hindi plastik..

  27. prince_aj

    ..stuart!matakot ka sa sarili mong multo!huwag mo na idamay si kris!
    ..20= years na yan sa showbiz..tanggap na ng tao kung sino siya!ikaw??sino ka ba??wag ka mangingiaalam ng may buhay kasi alam mo?may galit ka sa sarili mo?love yourself first and hayaan niyo na si kris!
    ..dnt worry i’ll send your regards to james yap!..type mo yata eh..nainggit ka lang..


  28. prince_aj

    quote from your gago*&** blog!
    let him speak for himself, and only about the things that matter. huwag pangunahan. i-reinforce lang. c’mon kris, konting intelligence naman diyan, at konting class”

    ikaw ba may class?..inggit ka lang! kung sabagay..staurt??diba daga yan?
    salot sa lipunan?/baka ikaw ang salot!!

  29. lyn…,, bakit ka pa lumipat ng gma kung wowowee lang naman ang ayaw mo? ang dami ngang magandang palabas ngyun ah! anyway back to kris attitude, medyo di ko rin nga type yung super kadaldalan nya e? oo nga nagpapakatotoo lang sya pero sana medyo konting preno naman. ok lang magmalasakit sa kapatid pero in fairness president ang papasukin ni noynoy at hindi showbiz, kaya wag naman nyang gawing parang bata si noynoy at didiktahan pa on national t.v. imagine sabihin pa nya na wala raw syang sinabing ayaw nyang maging sister in law si shalani para noy, pero ano ibig nyang sabihin na “it’s better to stay single noy at mahal ka ni joshua at kailangan ka nya.” so ibig sabihin takot syang mabawasan ang pagmamahal ni noynoy kay josh pag nag asawa ito. c’mon kris give your brother a break when it comes to his lovelife! kaya cguro di nakatuluyan ni noynoy sila korina at bernadette zembrano. i like kris pero wag naman sanang super duper sa daldal, lalo na sa part ni noynoy.i set aside nya ang pagiging artista nya sa pagkapolitika ng family nya. goodluck noy! & more power to kris on the buzz & snn. peace!

  30. Si Kris pa ang nakaksira sa image ni Noynoy and her family. Para na siyang palengkera na daldal ng daldal ng hindi nag-iisip. She doesn’t have class compare to her sisters na napaka-simple lang. Sana pagsabihan naman siya ni Boy Abunda na tumigil na kasi baka maging katulad lang nung mga scandals niya ang campaign ni Noy…Puro ka-cheapan ang intriga lang…I pity noy if this happens magiging showbiz ang campaign ni Noy kapag si kris ang nanguna diyan, which is not good for Noy’s integrity.

  31. Susana_basaya

    Tama ka angela, dapat tumigil na ng kayabangang yan si Cris, wag na niya ipagmalaki ang yaman niya… Sa totoo lang ayaw na namin manood ng SNN at the Buzz, dahil puro yabang ni Cris,kung saan papatahi ang barong bla…bla…. talagang sobra na ang kayabangan.. Yon dapat privacy privacy…. hindi dapat iannounce sa buong media…. pati ang pagbabakasyon nila familia sa Hawaii kailangan isabi pa na Television. Advice ko lang wag ka na bumalik diyan ka na tumira sa Hawaii, baka manalo pa si Noynoy sa 2010..

  32. Taga Baras


    Iyo,saro akong taga Catanduanes, taga Baras sa town ning Baras (Yes, I’m from Catanduanes, from Baras town to be exact. Shalani’s mother ran for Governor and lost, used fake money. Ask around who is Shalani’s father? Hmm…from Saudi Arabia? Pa simple-simple kuno, balita ko galit na galit daw si Shalani kay Kris.
    Way to go Kris!

  33. pilipinangtunay

    alam mo…gagoka!manamang ikaw ang pakinggan namen…..
    baklang palaka ka kase!wala ka ng pakealam kung anu man ang gawin ng kris,kung si noynoy nga eh hindi pumapalag eh…san kaba nag aral?alam kong pipitsugin un….anu bang natapos mo para mag slita ka ng ganyan?kapal ng muka mo….kaya ka dinadagsa ng mga trash na comments eh…bakalang palaka…all i know is PALAKA ka..etchuserong KARAG na palaka!hahahahhahaha

  34. BagMOPakialamKO

    Kris Aquino, material girl…ah…a material girl.
    And all those “artista” whose faulting their “expensive” things like they want the madlang people to drool over those kind of stuff!
    My concern as an ordinary citizen is how to put food on the table and pay my bills.
    The public should boycott the likes of Kris,Regine,Gretchen, Ruffa!

    Whatever it is, I will not vote for Noynoy! I will not vote at all.
    Voice of the people my azz….Politicians are all the same everywhere, “manguNGUrakot” and “magpayaman”! , to hell with the people they serve.

  35. prince_aj

    come on people! hindi naman si kris ang tatkbo! atsaka wag kayo magpapa-apekto sa mga emosyon ninyo!

    una, si noynoy ang tatakbo!kung ayaw niyo sa kanya wag yung dahil si kris kapatid niya!come on people of the philippines!mamulat na kayo sa katiwalian sa ating bansa!wag ninyong idamay si kris sa isyu! tingnan niyo kung sino karapatdapat sa pwesto!

    mahalin ninyo sarili ninyo bago ang magsalita ng masama sa kapwa!

    sige si ERAP nalang e-elct ninyo!tingnan natin!

    stuart!humanda ka!ikaw ang pasimuno ng lahat ng ito!

  36. i hope and pray that some sense will come to the universe. a lady dies and suddenly some nobody will occupy the palace by the pasig? huh! i remember what they used to say, in the u.s., 90% politicians are educated and qualified. in the philippines today, a cadaver and a corpse is enough to qualify what they call a mild autism victim for becoming president – carie

  37. from inquirer columnist Neal H. Cruz (11 sept): “Now that Noynoy Aquino has formally declared that he is running for president, will somebody please tell his younger sister to be careful about what she says in public. I know Kris means well, but she is taking votes away from him with her careless prattle. This is no longer show-biz gossip she is talking about. This may be the next president of the Philippines.

    “Maybe she doesn’t realize it, but she makes Noynoy like a wimp. She criticizes his choice of clothes (‘I don’t like pleats in his pants. It’s so…’). She said she will pay for Noynoy’s wedding. Why can’t Noynoy afford to pay for his own wedding? Is she trying to suggest that she has more money than Noynoy? She infuriated Valenzuela folk when she said she did not want Noynoy to marry (demure and beautiful Councilor Shalani Soledad). She said she will take care of him. Why, isn’t Noynoy old enough to take care of himself? My God, her elder brother is asking the people to make him president and she treats him like an autistic child.

    “Kris’ celebrity status has made her feel like she were floating on air and could do no wrong. It’s time she came back to earth. She should help her brother get elected by not talking carelessly and too much.

    “If Noynoy becomes president, Kris may be his Imeldific. She may even assumethe role of first lady. Imagine what she would be as first lady. Remember that their mother was loved by the people because she was unassuming and not mayabang. Kris should do no less if she wants her brother to be president.

    “Kris, help your brother. Think 10 times before opening your mouth.”

  38. Now you’re quoting an article of a columnist who wrote criticism against Kris. I guessed you needed a savior to justify your disdain for Kris. You called her “witless”? no class? Are you kidding? Her countless interviews on TV and several eloquent speeches and her being a talk show host are testaments of her wit and intelligence. Kris can discuss almost anything under the sun; be it politics, current events, showbiz, et al. Mind you, when I watches her on TV, her photographic memory of consequential events amazes me as she recalls a particular incident. Kris knows how to play politics better than any other seasoned politicians. For all we know, she has her own political strategy to secure her brother’s candidacy for president. Anyway, instead of being resentful and envious which I noticed in your other articles, try to be objective in your approach so that readers will appreciate you more.

  39. i quoted neal cruz not to save me but to save noynoy. hey kris-lovers, ‘wag niyo personalin. your kris is not perfect. for someone so influential, her worldview is limited, short-sighted, self-centered, and deserving of criticism in a third world country like ours where the masses live miserable lives. kris would be wise to pay attention (to neal cruz man lang), for the country’s sake.

  40. isang_botante

    Angela, amen to that! Much is expected from Kris because she is an Aquino. Unfortunately, she has disappointed over and over again. When will she ever learn that there is responsibility attached to her last name? Hindi pwedeng kung ano ang gusto niya gawin at sabihin – ay okay na. She has to think so many times before talking or doing anything because of that Aquino name.

    As of now, she is the same old Kris. She still thinks everything revolves around her. That’s why everytime she talks about helping Noynoy in his campaign it comes out as “Look I’m such a good sister because I’m helping my brother.”

  41. re: shalani soledad

    i strongly suspect that kris has her reasons for not liking shalani soledad. so far, she has this low profile image but it doesn’t seem real. parang it’s all for show.

    i’m not a hater… just happen to have superb instincts in terms of judging character.

  42. nalapsat a Ilokana

    Angela just gave a strong blow to hit the nail on it’s head, those who will take it as constructive criticism have their brains in their heads and those who do not know what “constructive criticism” is, ask Boy Abunda.

  43. Die-hars NoyPi

    to nalapsat/angie: Yeah, the bottomline is such “constructive criticism” should be welcome if we want to maintain the level of moral decency which Noynoy represents when he accepted the challenge to be the torch bearer of the mission of his parents. It is therefore, more prudent if Kris should keep her mouth shut and avoid spilling the issues over personality trivialities which will not elevate the political education of the masses to the crucial issues of poverty,corruption and good governance. Even Sen. Ping Lacson elicited unsolicted advice to kris since her remarks has some political repercussions. While she has every right to say about her brother and nobody else can express oddities against his family except its own family member, she must not forget she has the potential power to make or unmake the good image of their family name

  44. manny villar

    concerned lang kasi si Kris dahil ang pamilya Aquino ang binilinan ng mga magulang nila (Ninoy at Cory) upang suportahan at gabayan si Noynoy. Masyado lang vocal si kris sa kanyang ginagawa kaya napapansin ng karamihan. Ang hindi niyo alam ay ang ginagawa din ng iba pang kapatid ni Noynoy. Di niyo sila mapupulaan dahil tahimik lang sila.

  45. tandang sora

    If you’re thinking about voting for Noy, you need to know about this important issue. Kawawang mga trabahador ng Hacienda Luisita! Tama bang pagtrato ito sa kanila? Tapos pinagyabang noon ni Kris Aquino na ang kanyang mga alahas ay “KATAS NG HACIENDA LUISITA”
    ( Tama ba naman ito? Hanggang ngayon ay wala pang malinaw na lunas para sa kahirapan ng mga tao dito. Si Noy ay hindi naman makagawa ng maayos na desisyon. Ano pang hinihintay nila?

    Noy for president? Think again. Hindi siya si Ninoy.

  46. pusong maka_Masa

    tandang sora,

    U’ve got a point here….dapat pag isipan ng mga tao kung sino ang dapat nilang iboto at ilagay sa pwesto, para humawak ng Bansang Pilipinas. i’m not against Noynoy. pro pag maiisip ko wala pa naman syang nagawa at na ipasa na batas sa Senado. ika nga sa Performance level wala pa syang achievements.dahil namatay lang si tita Cory at bayani si Sen. Ninoy eh iboboto na natin sya agad? iba si tita Cory at Sen. Ninoy, hindi natin pwedeng ikumpara o itulad sya sa parents nya. not becoz he’s a son of late Pres. Cory and Noynoy, eh iboboto na natin sya agad. pag isipan natin mabuti mga kababayan. may nagsabi sa ken How true kaya, na pag sa Senado nga daw pag nagkakagulo na sa session ang mga senador, wala daw paki alam si Sen. Noy, bagkus naglalaro na lang daw ito ng PSP,umaalis, umiiwas o natutulog daw sa SENADO? wala daw pakialam ito sa mga nagdidiskuyunan sa senado dahil di raw ito sanay sa magulo. pano na kung nakaupo na si Sen. Noy bilang Presidente? pag may problema ang ating bansa at nagka gulo ang Pilipinas iiwanan nya ito sa ibang tao o di kaya magtatago sya para umiwas sa mga problema ng bansa? hmmm….dapat pag isipan muna natin ito mga kababayan.

  47. Die_hard NoyPi

    Kay Tandang Sora/Musong-maka Masa=:({??, Nakaka lungkot isipin na may makikitid ang pag-uunawa kung bakit may isang NOYNOY na lumitaw para Maki-baka sa Pagbabago sa isang baluktot at madilim na pamahalang sa kasalukuynag pamumuo ni GMA.

    Kung napa-kingan ninyo ang kanyang talumpati noon huling araw ng burol ng kanyang magiting na Ina at noong araw ng pag-gunita ng makasaysayang kamatanyan ng kanyang Ama, hindi na po kailangan kaliskisan at husgahan ang anak ng angkan ng mga bayani ng kasalukuynag kasaysayan.

    Siguro po hindi nagkamali si Mar Roxas at ang buong liderato ng Liberal party para ipagkatiwala kay Nonynoy ang pamumuno ng ating bayan ayon sa antas at maka-masang Pagbabago sa lipunan.
    Ika-nga ni Ms Amy Perez, Mag-esep- esep kayo ng mabuti!!!!


  48. pusong maka_Masa


    Hindi makitid ang utak ko…ikaw ang mag isip-isip! hindi mo pede i halintulad si Noynoy sa kanyang ina at ama. iba si noynoy at iba din ang mga magulang nya. walang sino man tao ang magkakatulad sa mukha at pag uugali.. everybody is unique. binabase mo lang pala sa pananalumpati ang pagboto mo sa isang politiko. madami ang matamis ang dila pag nananalumpati pag malapit na eleksyon. kanya kanya silang gimik, dahil kailangan nila magpa impress sa taong bayan. pagnanalo na ang mga yan ano ginagawa nila sa gobyerno? magnakaw ng pera sa kaban ng Bayan. sino Noynoy hindi corrupt, pero kulang pa sya sa expirience. wala pa nga syang naipapasa na Batas sa senado. baka sa sobrang bait ni Noynoy ang mga taong nakapaligid sa kanya ang mangurakot at mag manupulate sa Pinas at sa pwesto nya if ever maging sya na ang maging Presidente ng Pinas.may mga hidden agenda mga tao na nasa likod ni Noynoy.

  49. pusong maka_masa, thumbs up for you! Di ba, HONESTY alone is not a platform! Imposible na kung si noynoy ang maging presidente, wala nang corruption! Corruption is the twin brother of government! Sa sinasabi nyang HONESTY, inuuto nya lang tayo no’n! Wala pa naman syang napatunayan ah! Nice one angela, congratulations for that vocal point of yours! Kung gusto ni kris na manalo si noynoy, better for her to shut up! Hindi naman ibig sabihin na pag nag make-over si noynoy, iboboto na natin sya! I am from hacienda luisita, I live there at alam na alam namin kung ano ang mga aquino na ‘yan! Noynoy is NOT ninoy and also NOT cory… Ang integrity hindi namamana, pinaghihirapan mo ‘yan… Noynoy could be a good choice for president but NOT at this time maybe in the next years pa!