the president, people power, primetime

on facebook and on twitter it’s impossible not to see that indeed the president still has his staunch supporters who are behind him, benefit of the doubt (if any), all the way.  good for him.  makes it harder, even impossible, for coup plotters to make any headway in destablization/ouster efforts — forget it, guys, you failed in gloria’s time just because wala namang ipapalit na katanggaptanggap sa taongbayan, e di lalo pa ngayon, when vp binay, like noli de castro then, seems happy enough watching from the sidelines.  council of state? transition government?  asa pa.

but imagine if the veep were not a traditional politician, rather, bold and audacious enough to take the leap over to the side of the #scrappork movement, complete with a draft petition addressed to the president, with concrete steps toward a rational and transparent budget system (minimal pork discretionary funds, calamities and disasters only), for the approval and signatures of the millionpeoplemarch-ers.  the veep has missed the bus on that one, and so has his buddy senator chiz, and whoever else is seriously planning to run in 2016.

because the pork issue isn’t going away, and those who think pray swear it will are grossly grievously mistaken.  that a million people aren’t gathering in the streets doesn’t mean people power is passe or dead or at a loss; it only means that the people are a thinking people and they are levelling up, knowing full well that that it’s going to take more than an EDSA ala uno and dos, i.e., cosmetic changes, to get rid of the corrupt pork system, and they WILL find a way.  the only thing that will stop them is if the president beats them to the draw, sorry na lang ang kanyang mga kakonchaba.  now THAT would be pang-primetime.


  1. Let us keep the spirit of people power thrive and live forever. There is no substitute for vigilance against those who in there insatiable appetite for public wealth continue to perpetuate themselves in government, masquerading as champions of the people.

    The Filipino people as has been done a number of times in the past know who to oust/remove, and always for the right reason.

    Removing an honest and clean president because of the pork issue is removing a president for the wrong reason. It will not happen.