one people, one probe #mamasapano

MANILA – An expert sees problems with the many investigating bodies formed to shed light on the bloody Mamasapano clash last Sunday which left 44 elite cops and 18 Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) fighters dead.

Julkipli Wadi, dean of the University of the Philippines (UP) Institute of Islamic Studies, said the several bodies tasked to investigate the deadly clash must be able to come up with coherent reports.

… ”Ang napansin ko eh tila dumadami ang mga bodies na kine-create para mag-imbestiga. Maliban sa board of inquiry, meron pang MILF na may sarili nilang investigation, meron pang truth commission,” Wadi told dzMM.

”Ang problema eh paano kung iba-iba ang mga findings? Sino ang paniniwalaan?” 

divide-and-rule ba, as usual, ang strategy?  but we are already so divided — mamasapano only added to the cracks in our brittle sense of “nation”.

let us heed prof. wadi’s warning.  too many probes is problematic.  we, the people of the philippines, should demand that the findings of the PNP board of inquiry, the MILF’s special investigative commission, the International Monitoring Team’s and the Commission on Human Rights’ independent investigations be submitted to an independent Truth Commission whose sole mandate would be to satisfy the people’s thirst for the truth re the mamasapano debacle.  one people, one truth.

the senate’s peace, reconciliation and unification committee chair tg guingona has nominated hilario davide sr., reynato puno, and wigberto tanada to head or compose such a truth commission.  i would add the names of carol pagaduan araullo, joey ayala, and prof. wadi himself.  let them put their heads together, ferret out the incontrovertible truths, so the people may know who are criminally responsible for the 64 dead.  the sooner the better.  until then, all talk of peace is just talk.


    • Ina, as i have commented, it is useless to determine as who is responsible for this debacle, its very clear in the chain of command, Pres. Pinoy should take FULL and avowed responsibility. It is becoming obvious that he favors and protects the Malaysian stand and fake neutrality on the this peace agreement and Pinoy has become a liability to issues that our primordial interets as independent country is being compromise to the hilt.
      we could no longer demand truth and integrity fom his actions towards peace negotiators.

  1. I think its very clear that the Mamasapano operation was a legitimate police action to capture an international terrorist criminal hiding under the security apron of the MILF and BIFF. Hence, as former Sen. Pamfilo Lacson, has commented, the President as Commander-in-chief of govt military forces,has the command responsibility for the success and failure of the operation. Simply put it, the buck stops at he door of the President. President Pinoy should be humble enough to accept the debacle since he does not control the action of the enemies. Let us not hammer our eggheads into the belief that pointing the blame as to who started the clash is useful to exact justice to the victims who are only following orders. I believe, what our govt should take action is to order the MNILF and BIFF armed groups to follow the military protocol on: 1) disarmament 2) dis-engagement of all supplies and equipments 3) demobilized the troops from their camps and demand allegiance to our Constitution if they are really for peace and reconciliation. Otherwise, the only recourse is an all-out war to show that we are a strong and legitimate govt. like what Pres. Erap did before. Since the MNILF/BIFF are the traitors to the peace process, we cannot trust them anymore as previous events have proven that they are on the wrong side of history…IMHO

  2. “Aquino has betrayed us” by Antonio Montalvan II … ‘we are no longer a nation of idiots. Mr. Aquino was in fact on top of the operation and monitored the movements of the Special Action Force in real time from Zamboanga. Then the most bizarre element of the story began to unravel—the entire operation was directed by remote control from a shadow command at the White House of Camp Crame by the suspended chief of the Philippine National Police. That explained the deception—Alan Purisima was a chum of Mr. Aquino and it was clear Mr. Aquino was protecting him more than the “Fallen 44.” In just a matter of hours, the political landscape of the entire country changed…

    ‘The truth commission must determine the Moro Islamic Liberation Front’s and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters’ accountability in the carnage. One writer described the encounter: not a firefight but a turkey shoot, with the MILF forces encircling the SAF troops, then a massacre when the policemen surrendered.’