manolo’s mistake

All the crap bout that [HK] columnist comes from pinoys who wouldn’t know satire sarcasm or irony if it slapped them on the face.

this certainly doesn’t sound like mlq3 of the blog daily dose where he is usually quite formal and circumspect, pa-fair and objective, even when provoked.   i suppose he was on a different mode in facebook, probably thinking that it would be only among like-minded friends (it wasn’t), it would not get out to the real world (it did), and so he spoke with all candor, language and tone revealing a different, scrappy, manolo — (in his own words) arrogant, unthinking, unfeeling, bigoted and prejudiced.   descriptives that approximate dona victorina‘s and reyna elena‘s GRRRR! retorts.

i’m glad manolo apologized.    there are ways and ways of disagreeing without being offensive.   while manolo’s commment is true of most pinoys — we are not into satire, we tend to take things literally — still he could have couched his critique without the crap and the slap, facebook or not, andspared himself the royal ire of the donya and the reyna.


  1. ah ganoon ba yon, lol. Manolo could have gotten away with it if he said “some” rather than Pinoys which then falls into stereotypical generalization. So in effect it boils down to the same thing as in Chip Tsao labeling the Philippines through satire as a “nation of servants,” while Manolo has no excuse because it was not a satire. Ok, I guess he really has no choice but to beat Chip at apologizing for the slip, lol.

  2. GabbyD


    i’m not sure why ‘some’ would help here. after all, reading the statement, its not a stereotypical generalization of ALL pinoys. it reads:

    “All the crap bout that [HK] columnist comes from pinoys who wouldn’t know satire sarcasm or irony if it slapped them on the face.”

    so its not a statement re all pinoys. only a subset, specifically, those who don’t know/understand sarcasm or irony.

    the apology (if i undstand correctly), is coz the pinoys who spewed said crap possibly understood what sarcasm and irony — thats not the reason they complained. They complained coz it was bad form, satire of the worst, most lazy kind.

  3. gabbyd ;) ummm oo nga, yours is one way of deconstructing the sentence, that “pinoys who wouldn’t know satire sarcasm or irony if it slapped them on the face” refers only to a subset of pinoys who don’t know/understand sarcasm or irony.

    pero ang dating sa akin from the first is that the clause describes pinoys in general. he was saying that pinoys in general don’t know/recognize satire sarcasm or irony, not even when it’s obvious. he was referring to public opinion that mostly found chip tsao’s piece offensive. and in his apology manolo refers to his “sweeping judgment about my countrymen.”

  4. Kaya nga they are reacting to Manolo….. they don’t think they have no clue thus “some” people feel offended and thus believe it was a justifiable even “nationalistic” indignation yata yoon over Chip’s satire, lol. Basta…… basta we are declaring war and as we speak Gloria Arroyo has instructed the mobilization and invasion of Mainland China with an armada of Kumpit armed with Sumpit except for one teeny little bit of problem….. how to fit our troops in one humvee that we used in our withdrawal out of Iraq……