luli arroyo zaps joey dv3 with a one-two punch

20 September 2007

19 sept. around 5:30 p.m. was listening to anc’s top story while playing bejeweled 2 hyper action. pia hontiveros and tony velasquez were interviewing representative teddybody locsin on joey de venecia and the mystery man, when i thought i heard tony velasquez say that luli arroyo was calling joey a drug addict, or something like that. naloka ako. ganon?! and teddyboy was saying, we must be careful about calling people drug addicts. in every rich family (or something like that) there is one drug addict. oh what a gem! finally, a rumor confirmed! and pia was saying something to the effect that drugs are like a truth serum, di ba, you lose inhibitions and can’t help telling the truth. oh what a breakthrough! finally, altered states appreciated!

but was it true? what did luli actually say? finally caught her on the world tonight. this is what she actually said: “… i dont know if his old drug use affected his thinking, i dont know … tawa na lang kami.” well. “old” naman pala, but of course she had to dredge it up, anything to destroy the credibility of the guy. worse, the distraught unica hija also insisted it’s not true that her father left the country to avoid the consequences of jdv3’s expose: “again,  that’s grasping at straws, as thin as his hairline.” mwahaha. imbierna talaga siya. witty nga, pero cheap shot, wa class. poor little rich girl.

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2 Responses to luli arroyo zaps joey dv3 with a one-two punch

  1. September 27, 2007 at 3:08 pm

    Eksakto…wa class at cheap tulad ng nanay. Assumptionista nga pero wa class, cheap. Di lang nasangkot sa pagnanakaw ng pera–ZTE atbp–nagnakaw din ng eleksyon.

    Walang kasalanan ang daughter sa krimen ng ina. Pero ang mga aksyon nitong si Luli ay nagbibigay kahulugan sa salitang like mother, like daughter. Wa class, cheap at pangit.

  2. February 21, 2008 at 1:09 pm Jesus

    Tama na ang showbiz reactions! Tama na ang personalan! Let us try to be objective and rational. Di ba bawal ang anak ng speaker of the house pumasok sa mga proyekto ng gobyerno? Klarong violation of the law ito at may ebidensya. Pero bakit parang di big deal iyon at tinutuligsa?! Dapat lahat ng sulok ng issue tinitignan at di lang nakatutok sa kamuhian sa gobyerno ni GMA.

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