it’s the economy, stupid!

so, on facebook, someone’s blaming inveighing against the father now for “washing his hands in public of any responsibility he may have had in this tragedy” and of turning the university into the “sole scapegoat.”  (19 likes so far.)  so whose fault is it really that the father, a college graduate, was laid off and could find no job, kaya parttime taxi driver lang?  the father’s?  he didn’t try hard enough?  heck no, it’s the economy, stupid!


    • thanks angela. i learned two things:

      1) there is a sociological bent to suicide: “Yet, nothing is more inaccessible than suicide. Psychologists usually account for it as an outcome of chronic depression. Sociologists prefer to look at it in terms of what is happening to society as a whole—its level of integration and its capacity to offer a sense of belonging to its members.”

      2) the government/state need not be part of the discussion:
      ” essential tools of solidarity that go beyond state subsidy for education, and which cost so little to maintain.”
      his column outlines what these tools are.