have a joint (session;)

historic, precedent-setting, this joint session, so yes, medyo nakaka-high, haha, as in here are some highlights:

dick gordon asking, where is defense chief norberto gonzales, na nasa singapore pala for some conference or other, and oo nga naman, kung puwede siya umalis,ibig sabihin ay hindi maselan ang sitwasyon sa maguindanao?

didagen dilangalen asking, where is president arroyo, why is she not here?   ah, but her presence is not required, say ni executive secretary ermita.   she has more pressing things to do, say ni gary olivar.   yeah, like campaign in pampanga, and go shopping in eastwood’s cybermall where a little bird saw her, mwahaha.

teddy boy locsin taking on and accusing dilangalen of forum shopping, which of course dilangalen didn’t let pass, demanding that locsin be declaredout of order.   instead the speaker suspended the session.   in the end, locsin withdrew his remarks, but dilangalen was still on attack mode, i didn’t come here to be insulted ek-ek, which maddened locsin who threatened to change his mind if dilangalen didn’t stop, complete with fist-banging dramatics, haha, session suspended ulit.   until finally dilangalen cooled down, forgave a glowering locsin whom he loves dearly daw, ano ba yon, pataasan ng ihi, tapos plastikang katakut-takot, that’s entertainment?

noynoy aquino being first to interpellate gma’s gang but in that weird lowkey expressionless emotionless monotone, whether asking or reacting, like he was being careful not to be accused of grandstanding?   good questions as far as i could tell, but what a waste, sooooo boring i almost fell asleep.

satur ocampo speaking in tagalog / filipino, yey, and speaking from experience pointing out how difficult it is to prove rebellion, as in his case, the two times he was accused of rebellion, just because they couldn’t show that he had taken up arms against the government.   talaga naman.  where’s the proof of armed groups rising and fighting it out with government troops?  where are the photos, footages, witnesses?

teddy boy again, on day two, defending martial law, wtf, what happened to him?


punchline.   my brother heard lawyer alan paguia on radio this morning saying that the joint session is (like some joints) ILLEGAL, the president’s report to congress which should have been signed by gloria was only signed by ermita.   i checked manolo’s blog and paguia’s right, wtfffffff!   how did that get past lawyers enrile and nograles?   well, nograles, i’m not surprised.   he didn’t even think a joint session was called for, never mind the constitution.   but enrile too?   hey hey hey wazzup wazzup?   martial law na rin ba sa palasyo?