eggie apostol laughed #enrilememoir

…in the chapter “Setting The Record Straight” of his memoir, Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile presents Eggie Apostol as an opportunistic social climber who curried his family’s favor during the martial law years to protect and advance her own business interests.

Enrile says he has no monopoly of the truth, so it is conceivable that he may have fudged facts in his desire to steer public perception away from what he is more popularly known for: the architect of martial law.

that’s from the first of three inquirer columns that butch hernandez, director of the eggie apostol foundation, devotes to a detailed response to enrile’s allegations re eggie.

Total Recall
 Eggie’s Mr & Ms
And then she laughed


  1. manuelbuencamino

    Thanks for putting all three stories together. I only read the last one and didn’t even know about the earlier pieces. I think a collection of all articles debunking Enrile’s autobiography is called for and it ought to be sold as a companion book. It can be called The Real Enrile Story.