EDSA lost

nakakalungkot ang hatol kay erap – enough to make a grown man cry, ika nga ni fr. bernas. so harsh, as though the sandiganbayan were making up for the bigger fish that get off scot free.and so deadly, as though erap were the most wicked of all, when really, the only thing he has over marcos is that mas marami siyang querida and lovechildren. otherwise, he wasn’t even in the palace long enough to do serious plunder a la marcos, or, who knows, gma.

even sadder is how EDSA has been corrupted and demeaned by self-serving politicians, manipulated generals, holier-than-thou bishops, sensationalist media, greedy globalists, gloating leftists and, let’s not forget, bible-reading magistrates OMG — a whole cast of characters that had no place in EDSA ’86 but who wanted to show off that they could do an edsa kuno too, two, wow, ang galing.

i wonder when and if we’ll ever get closure on this one.we have a real problem with endings.with marcos we were happy enough that he left the country, punishment na rin yon, di ba.with erap i was just surprised when he continued to insist that he hadn’t resigned the presidency, he was innocent of any wrongdoing, and preferred to face the courts rather than go into exile. e yun pala he isn’t that innocent, he was just naïve and ill-advised.

so really, next time, it shouldn’t end until we get a resignation – nothing creative or “constructive” please, but a real one, duly witnessed and notarized.then we give the ousted one a choice: exile with limited immunity, or we take him/her to a special court and convict him/her a la erap.who knows.if erap’s options had been as clearcut in 2001, he might have happily flown the coop and spared us all, and himself, such a sorry mess.