christian monsod calls out the president on a 2nd term and charter change

Former Commission on Elections chairman Christian Monsod, who had helped draft the 1987 Constitution, said Aquino should not think he is the only one who can institute reforms.

“We need systemic change. That’s more than the capability of one person, even if he’s a Superman. And he’s (Aquino) not a Superman,” Monsod told the ANC news channel.

Monsod said he was disappointed that Aquino was not like his mother who rejected suggestions to run for a second term although no law prevented her from doing so.

“The President didn’t sound like Cory. He sounded like Marcos in 1972 on questions of political issues beyond the scope of the Supreme Court… Then he sounded like [former President Fidel] Ramos in 1997 that he is the only one that can continue the reforms,” Monsod said.

Monsod said Aquino should trust the people to choose a leader who can continue reforms that they want.

Monsod said Aquino, in his last two years as President, should instead focus on implementing social reforms to sustain inclusive growth.

While six years may be too short for a good President, Monsod said six years is too long for a bad one and extending the constitutional limit will only worsen the country’s problems.

He added that lifting term limits could actually make the pork barrel problem worse.

“If the President is allowed reelection, it’s an incentive for him, a very strong temptation to use his discretionary funds to assure his reelection. At the same time, he wants to clip the judicial review powers of the Supreme Court, what will happen? He will have his way in misusing people’s money,” Monsod said.

Monsod said the Supreme Court’s decision against the DAP should not be used as an excuse to clip its powers.

Disagrement among the three branches of government are natural and part of the system of checks and balances, he added.

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  1. My take is Pinoy is joking. He is not that stupid. He just want to divert the issue to cover up his plunging popularity survey. His advisers know it is too late for Cha-cha to take-off, and Malacanang is re-starting the engine that has bug down to choke the trotle and perhaps re-ignites interest among supporters and allies.

    • baycas said:
      January 6, 2013 at 6:30 am

      Ang Laro
      The Game

      MESA = pool or billiard table = PH

      POOL PLEYER = pool player = PNoy’s boss

      TAKO = cue stick = PH hopes and aspirations

      PATO = cue ball = PNoy

      BOLA = ball = cabinet man

      BULSA = pocket = positive goal/objective

      IBULSA = hit a ball into a hole (sink) = positive goal/objective fulfilled

      PNoy rolls in the interest of the pool players armed with cue sticks.

      PNoy, in turn, moves each ball to the direction of a pocket in order to sink it.

      The more balls pocketed the better for PH welfare.

      The DAP play turned out to be a scratch (foul ball in billiard) when the cue ball (PNoy) got deflected by the Judiciary ball (a co-equal ball) instead of pocketing Abad ball.

      A bad play. Nonetheless, the yellow pool players still love it.

  2. manuel buencamino

    After going through six years of hell, I think the President deserves time to enjoy his erections rather than being put through another election. Give the man a break!

  3. manuel buencamino

    The appeal put forth by people like Christian Monsod – “your mother will spin in her grave” or “you sound your dad’s greatest enemy” remind me of my yaya telling me “kukunin ka ng bumbay kung hindi mo tigilan ang kalokohan mo.” It’s silly. It didn’t work on stubborn kids, it won’t work on obstinate adults. If you don’t like what you think he is going to do then prevent him from doing it. Stop appealing to better angels and all that fairy stuff. Organize against it. Period.

  4. Angela,

    Who will you root for 2016? Please consider this:

    Successor’s luxury…

    Higher position

    Of the 15-person anti-graft court or Sandiganbayan, only 4 are Aquino appointees. On the other hand, his successor will have an opportunity to appoint 5 new justices between 2016 and 2022.

    A member of the Sandiganbayan said that whether they admit it or not, the filing of the 3 plunder cases is a welcome development for those eyeing higher positions in the judiciary. “They have leverage with the next president. How they decide on the cases [could] affect their chances of being appointed to the SC.”

    Consider the math. Eleven justices in the Supreme Court are set to retire during the term of the next president – from 2016 to 2022 – allowing the next president to redefine the High Court’s composition.

    The Sandiganbayan has been a rich source of future SC justices. Justices who toe the line are amply rewarded with posts in the SC.

  5. manuel buencamino

    It’s good to read something like this from CMFR. It’s like CJR’s “Darts and Laurels”. I hope it continues to educate the public and police media at the same time.