Charlie Hebdo, proud to offend

The newspaper was born in controversy in 1970, after a publication called Hara-Kiri was banned for mocking the death of former President Charles de Gaulle. That prompted its journalists to set up a new paper, Charlie Hebdo, named for its reprint of Charlie Brown cartoons from the United States and a French shorthand for weekly publication.


Proud to Offend, Charlie Hebdo Carries Torch of Political Provocation 

The Blame for the Charlie Hebdo Murders  

Cartoon Debate: The case for mocking religion


  1. Religious deviants who are emotionally attached and consider their hero God sent have zero tolerance for satire and are psychologically incapacitated to differentiate between blasphemy and reality.IMHO, freedom of thought and expression are not existent in their vocabulary.

  2. manuel buencamino

    You can’t beat Muslim extremism by declaring war on ALL Muslims. You will only end up making an enemy out of the overwhelming majority of Muslims who also hate extremists and terrorists.

    You can only beat extremists by fighting them in the same way you fight white, racist, christian extremists. The West isolates them from the rest of christianity, from the rest of society. It portrays them as aberrations, as one-off cases, as crazies who read christian teaching wrong. Norway treated Anders Breivik as a common criminal despite the fact that he belonged to some neo-Nazi white supremacist group. The US treated Timothy McVeigh also a member of some nut nativist supremacist group in the same way.

    Can you imagine Westerners and their governments declaring war on ALL Christians because of Breivik, McVeigh, and other like-minded nuts? Can you imagine Norway and the US sending to Guantanamo and torturing every suspected neo Nazi and christian extremist, undertaking officially sanctioned assassination missions, or launching drone attacks on the suspected encampments and hiding places of those crazies?

    But that’s what has been happening with the War on Terror, the Orwellian term for the War on ALL Muslims.

    Everyday law abiding people are losing more and more of their freedoms, their human rights are being eroded, and all in the name of a war against an enemy that can only be identified through racial and religious profiling. We accuse Muslims of still living in the 7th century but we have not progressed much either, we are still fighting a Holy Crusade.