cha-cha 2010 ALERT

what a relief it was to see national artist bienvenido lumbera and activist sister mary john mananzan o.s.b. on tv news protesting malacanang’s latest call for charter change and announcing that concerned artists with civil society are holding a rally, a truth festival, sa baywalk 3 p.m. august 22 to 6 a.m. august 23 (should be interesting kahit no alcohol allowed ;)

and what a relief it is to hear that the senators are in no mood to be pushed, manipulated, or intimidated by the palace into a con-ass and a quick shift to federalism for the sake kuno of peace kuno in mindanao.

but why do i get the feeling that we’re being toyed with? why do i get the feeling that the palace does not really expect charter change to happen in time to extend her term? why do i get the feeling that the palace is happy enough that fvr and the senators are all saying, “not before 2010”?

it’s like we’re being conditioned to think to accept that chacha is inevitable, even, that there’s a popular clamor for cha-cha, so it’s going to happen once gloria’s gone, make no mistake about it.

BUT BUT BUT there is no popular clamor for charter change. the clamor for charter change is not coming from the people, it’s coming from the political elite – elected government officials like presidents and senators and congressmen and governors and mayors (and of course their networks of political suppporters across classes and sectors all the way down to the grassroots) who are known to look after self-interests first before the people’s.

and if i’m right, that it’s the political elite behind all this talk of federalizing government and, incidentally kuno, liberalizing the economy, can foreign interests be far behind? more like, breathing down their necks.


  1. “It is God who puts ideas in my heart,” explained Arroyo.

    “In fact, in my attendance at Mass, it felt to me like He was telling me that He chose me to become president because He also knows that when He tells me not to run, then I would not run,” she said.

  2. hi! question again… you said that the clamor charter change is not coming from the people, but from the politicians.

    How would u know that the demand is from the people? In what instance did change of the constitution come from the people, aside from EDSAI (which can be argued didn’t come from the people, but from the politicians that won).

    I guess the reason i don’t understand ‘from the people’ is that democracies (any consti actually) allows politicians to do things for the people they represent. So, calls for charter change can always come from politicians.

    Now if we don’t trust politicians, thats a different matter. If thats the case, we’re in deep do do…

  3. hey gabbyd ;-) let’s not forget all those “people’s initiative” signature campaigns for charter change, supposedly spontaneous demands from the grassroots, supposedly expressions of the people’s will, but none of which ever gathered steam. unlike the signature campaign that launched cory’s candidacy in 1985. THAT was spontaneous and truly a popular initiative.

  4. “Do not trust the horse, Trojans! Whatever it is, I fear the Greeks, even bringing gifts”.

    We were already cheated in 2004.

    Are we going to allow Gloria to get away with Cha Cha and extend her reign indefinitely?

    Always Remember the Palace Spin Doctors’ Motto: FOOL YOU ONCE SHAME ON ME, FOOL YOU TWICE SHAME ON YOU!

    Gloria has mastered the politics of deception.

    Small lies.Big lies!!!

    Directly and By Omission!

    The Gloria Arroyo’s advocacy of charter change (cha-cha) is clearly a subterfuge for the extension of her term!

  5. “The Cat is Out Of The Bag”

    Gloria meets local officials in Pampanga (August 16)

    The President did not speak to the media after the meeting but Pampanga officials present said they were happy to announce the president’s plan to start more projects in the province and the benefits they would be getting should the Constitution be amended.

    “Marami nang dapat palitan sa Konstitusyon natin at mas maganda na hahaba pa ang termino niya tayo din naman ang makikinabang,” (“There are many required changes in the constitution and it would be beneficial to extend her term”)Masantol mayor Peter Flores, speaking in Kapampangan, told media.