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why i am against a department of culture

ishmael bernal died in june 1996, sick and broke and disheartened.¬† there were many more films he wanted to make.¬† top of the list were feature films on antonio luna and gregorio del pilar, but producers were never interested, not … Continue reading

senate draft bill creating a dept of culture

i wonder when we were going to be told about this, and why ¬†neither u.p. nor the senate has seen fit to inform and consult with artists and cultural workers nationwide. FIFTEENTH CONGRESS OF THE ) REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES … Continue reading

a department of culture ?!?

got this from the facebook wall of poet ricky de ungria who was urging people to attend a UP forum yesterday on a “third–repeat, third–draft bill sponsored by sen. edgardo angara based on a UP culture policy paper submitted in … Continue reading


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