“be outraged”*

‘yung nagsasabing O.A. naman tayong mga nanggagalaiti over the railroading of HR 1109 kagabi…   yung nagsasabing fear-mongers tayo, we’re spreading fear when there’s nothing to be afraid of, yet, wala pa namang proposals, isn’t this daw the essence of democracy, tyranny of the majority that wants to talk con-ass…   say  pa, ayaw lang kasi natin sa chacha, ni ayaw nating pag-usapan o pag-isipan, mas type daw kasi natin ang tyranny of fear…

interesting spin.   creative, actually.   it would put me on the defensive if i didn’t know better.   it’s not as if we don’t know what these proposals are.   unang una, tiyak, is the deleting of economic provisions that limit foreign ownership of lands and industries, may resolution na ngang nakahanda si nograles, HR737…   i bet the bastusang pambansa will try and sneak in or force through a con-ass session to test HR1109 and pass 737 as soon as politically doable, i suppose as soon as 3/4 of the votes have been bought, i mean, assured.   perhaps last night was a dry-run.

even dilg secretary ronnie puno is talking now of gma running for congress in pampanga sa 2010 as if it were the most natural thing in the world.   i wouldn’t be surprised should the bastusang pambansa acting as constituent assembly engineer in august or september (if not sooner) a shift from presidential to parliamentary to set the stage for prime minister gma, pero ‘yung tuloy pa rin ang eleksiyon.

sana the senate and the supreme court don’t allow any of it to happen.   sana.    more and more it’s becomingimperative that the opposition get its act together.   otherwise gma’s annointed will win and we’ll have gloria mike mikey dato iggy forever.

update from ellen tordesillas:  Gloria Arroyo’s congressmen will convene the Constituent Assembly before it adjourns Friday.

* http://www.gmanews.tv/story/163907/Bernas-Gang-rape-of-Constitution-should-outrage-Filipinos


  1. GabbyD

    i personally would like a debate on the provisions that they want to change.

    unfortunately, proponents of change are too busy with strategy to make it happen, that they neglect explaining the substantive issues to the public…

    or maybe this is intentional on their part? who knows…

    but yeah, lets discuss!

  2. gabby,

    i personally would have liked to see a debate at the committee-level before the resolution made it to the plenary.

    there were no such debates. there wasn’t any interpellation at the committee and plenary level!

    to give you an idea of timescale, the rh bill has been at the plenary level since october. it took ages before it made it out of the committee level alive. and when it finally made it to the floor for debate it dragged on and on and on.

    now for a resolution that proposes to change the highest law of the land to sit on the floor for a mere 5 hours? that’s a slap in the face.